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Before submitting, please follow the guidelines below otherwise your email will be ignored.

Who can write for us?

Simply put anyone. However, the story must be written in good English. The story also has to be interesting and engaging for our readers. We will let you know if the story will be published or not.

What type of content do you accept?

Your story must be unique, not published anywhere else, and a minimum of 500 words. We will use Copyscape to check this.

In depth posts are welcomed, so there’s no upper limit (within reason!)

In addition, your post should target a specific keyword that we have not covered on our website.

Most importantly your story should already be written. We don't accept press releases.

Your submission must include a catchy title, the body of the story and pictures attached to complement the article.

Where do I send my submission?

Once you’ve read these guidelines thoroughly, send the following to contact[at]

We’ll try to reply to all your messages, but if you haven’t had a response in over a week, chances are we’ve not accepted.

Once your story has been accepted – send in Google Docs or Word format with formatting (header tags etc) and the images in a separate folder.

Thanks, and happy posting!



Thanks for submitting!

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