A social events app is paying people to socialise & young people are loving it

Updated: Apr 12

Bloc, a new social events app is paying people to attend venues via geo-location through a reward like system.

Users check-in to venues and if they attend they are rewarded Bloc’s in-app currency, stars. Once a user has collected enough stars they can exchange them for real money.

"Bloc is amazing, I can go to my favourite pub, drink with my friends and get paid to do it," says a student at London Imperial.

There are three payouts once a user has collected enough stars, with the highest pay out being £250. According to a Bloc spokesperson, 'it takes a user just under a month to reach the £250 pay-out, if they use it moderately'.

Bloc has paid out to over 5000 users so far and is growing rapidly with over 150,000 users.

Bloc started as a social events app where users could see who was attending venues near them. They could then connect with people before they attended and chat inside the app.

Now 3 years later they have introduced their reward system which has increased their number of downloads with a growth of 30% per month, with no signs of slowing down.

Bloc can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.