A teen working at a theme park was punched in the face for enforcing their face mask policy

A teenager working at a kids' amusement park in Pennsylvania was punched in the face for implementing the recreation center's face mask policy, police say.

The 17-year-old worker was "forcefully punched by both a female and a male," on Sunday at Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, as indicated by Middletown Township Police Lieutenant Stephen Forman. The recreation center is found only 26 miles outside of Philadelphia.

There was no resistance when the high schooler first moved toward the visitors to remind them to wear their veils, as per CNN associate WPVI. Be that as it may, later, when the worker reminded them a subsequent time, the visitors turned fierce. It's indistinct where in the recreation center these experiences occurred.

The amusement park returned late July with a cover strategy set up that commands face veils be worn in every single open space. Inability to agree to the recreation center's arrangement will disallow visitors from entering or staying in the recreation center, their site says.

"Face coverings are required for guests age 2 and older while in the park except as stated here," Sesame Place's website reads. "Guests are not required to wear them while eating and drinking, or in designated relaxation areas of the park. Face coverings are not allowed in the water (e.g., the water slides and all other water attractions in the park)."

Police have not recognized the aggressors or delivered data on the recreation center representative. They are "working with Sesame, recouping the entirety of their video and reservations structures since individuals need to purchase the tickets ahead of time now, we had the option to get conditional ID's," Forman told WPVI.

In the wake of punching the worker, the two visitors left, alongside their gathering, as indicated by WPVI. It's indistinct in the event that they were approached to leave or left for their own.

"The health and safety of our guests and team members is our top priority, and violence of any kind is unacceptable and not tolerated at our park," Sesame Place spokesperson Dana Ryan said in a statement to CNN. "We've been in close communication with the family of our injured team member and are hoping for a full and speedy recovery."

The adolescent needed to experience medical procedure for wounds to his jaw and teeth, as indicated by WPVI.