Bernie Ecclestone has become a dad again at the age of 89

The F1 manager has named his child Ace.

Bernie Ecclestone has become a father again at 89 years old - after his girlfriend gave birth to his first boy.

The former Formula One boss told Blick magazine: "We have named our son Ace. I am so proud."

Furthermore, his better half Fabiana Flosi, 44, told the Swiss paper it was "all so easy", including: "The birth was over after 25 minutes. I thank god."

Ecclestone as of now has three girls with his past accomplices.

His oldest, Deborah, 65, was destined to his first spouse Ivy Bamford before he had socialites Tamara, 35, and Petra, 31, with his second wife Slavica Radic.

Ecclestone declared the pregnancy back in April and told the PA news office: "I don't see there's any distinction between being 89 and 29.

"You have similar issues I assume. It's okay."

Solicited what kind from father he would have been to his first child, he stated: "We don't have the foggiest idea, most likely better than anyone might have expected, presumably more loose!"

Flosi, who got drew in to Ecclestone when she was 35 in the wake of meeting him while working for the Brazilian Grand Prix, has said she trusts the child has no enthusiasm for Formula One.