Billionaire ex-Harrods owner Mohamed Fayed's son Omar is 'punched in the face by his brother-in-law

His life has just been distorted by disaster. In any case, the destinies seem to have saved one last frightfulness for tycoon previous Harrods proprietor Mohamed Fayed.

Twenty-three years after his oldest child, Dodi, passed on nearby Princess Diana in Paris, two of Fayed's more youthful kids, Omar and Camilla, are at war in the High Court, I can unveil.

In a flammable report, Omar, 32, centers around the evening of May 18 when his driver left him at his dad's Surrey home, Barrow Green Court, so he could have a 'socially removed' meeting with Fayed — his first since lockdown — and utilize his folks' exercise center.

In the wake of meeting his dad, 91, Omar had 'a verbal conflict with his mom', Fayed's Finnish second spouse, Heini. Things turned far uglier, charges Omar, when he went to the rec center.

While there, he guarantees, Camilla, 35, and her better half Mohamed Esreb, 40, showed up — purportedly joined by Camilla's protector and their mother's. It was a disturbing second for Omar, who, the High Court record clarifies, has been 'in debate' with Camilla and Esreb — just as with his mom Heini — for 'the most recent couple of years'.

His feelings of dread were, supposedly, not lost. In the rec center, Esreb, Omar charges, 'pushed/got at him'.

Expecting that he would have been 'brutally assaulted', Omar left the rec center and called his driver, advising him to return right away.

As he did as such, asserts Omar, Esreb assaulted him, 'punching him in the face'. Coming back to the rec center to recover his effects, he was purportedly 'pushed and punched from behind' by Esreb and the two protectors, who attempted to get his telephone, which 'contained an extremely significant measure of private, classified and special material'.

During this 'further savage ambush', he was purportedly 'struck on the rear of his head, snatched round his neck and pushed to the brink of collapse', before being 'struck on his head again and tossed in reverse to the floor where he impacted fiercely with a paddling machine'.

It was at that point, affirms Omar, that Camilla twice got out: 'Get the telephone!' and 'it was taken by one of his attackers'. At the point when his driver returned, Omar fled the bequest, captured his wounds, submitted a question to the police and went to emergency clinic.

Camilla and Esreb — whom Omar is suing for £100,000 harms — decay to remark. Be that as it may, a family companion portrays it as 'a horrendously tragic case'. The buddy lets me know: 'It is a frantic sob for help from a disturbed and defenseless youngster.

'The family have done all they can to arrive at a neighborly and quiet arrangement, however the entirety of their endeavors have failed to attract anyone's attention.'

Omar clearly opposes this idea. Prepped to succeed his dad at Harrods, he revoked the job, clarifying 'consumerist culture wasn't doing anything positive for the fate of mankind'.