Brazilian cop is seen STANDING on black woman's neck in shocking video

Two military cops in Brazil have been suspended after one was seen standing on a black woman's neck.

The choice to examine the cops was reported Sunday night by São Paulo Governor João Doria after the 51-year-old casualty endured a messed up neck during the fight with police.

In the video, a cop points his weapon at a man, who was seen removing his shirt. The official at that point moved toward the lady and pushed her back while she was remaining close to his accomplice who was binding a man.

The lady later showed up in the video lying face down on the ground with the cop driving his boot into her neck. The other cop could be found out of sight hauling a second male person, who was later captured.

The episode occurred May 30 in Parelheiros, the capital of São Paulo, as indicated by Brazilian media source G1.

The lady, a widow and mother of five youngsters, said she was endeavoring to play peacemaker between the police and her companion, who was being addressed after the cops reacted to a clamor objection.

A battle resulted between the two cops and the man before he was set collared.

'At that point I asked the police officer not to hit him any longer since he was at that point dropped, lying on the floor,' the lady said.

She said existing apart from everything else she was lying on the ground: 'The more I battled, the more he [cop] fixed the boot around my neck.'

She was treated at a nearby clinic for her leg injury and had a few cuts that necessary 16 lines.

During a Monday question and answer session, Governor Doria said he was stunned by the cops, whose conduct discolored the respectability of the law requirement power.

'I need to clarify that the State of São Paulo doesn't endure and won't endure any conduct that is savagery drilled by the Military Police, the Civil Police, the Fire Department or whatever other police that is under the order of the State of São Paulo,' Doria said.

'It is unsuitable that couple of bargain many. At the end of the day, condemnable activities by a couple of bargain an association with in excess of 80,000 cops and who carry out their responsibility well.'

On June 22, Doria presented a 20-day preparing program focused on forestall the utilization of pointless power utilized against regular folks by 'one percent of awful police officers'.

Beginning in August, in any event 2,000 cops will have body cameras.

The declaration was made closely following a series of episodes in which cops were recorded on video utilizing outrageous power, remembering an occurrence for the São Paulo neighborhood Carapicuíba on June 21 when a cop gagged a 19-year-elderly person.