Charlize Theron's Worst Date Ever Will Make You Scream

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Indeed, even superstars have first date frightfulness stories. During an appearance on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Charlize Theron and host Jimmy Kimmel talked about her adoration for The Bachelor, which lapsed into Kimmel inquiring as to whether she's had her own flinch commendable dates like those seen on the popular dating appear. Lamentably for Theron, the appropriate response was yes. As the Bombshell star uncovered, "I went out on the town in my 20s with this person who was extremely, excessively attractive. I was truly into it. What's more, he got me for supper, we proceeded to eat. It was stunning. I resembled, 'This is going truly well.' And he drove me home, and you know, I sort of flagged that I was in for a kiss." That seems like a really decent date, isn't that so? Just you pause. "He pulled over by my home," she proceeded. "Furthermore, we began kissing and it was great. And afterward, he pulled away and murmured, 'Make out with my nose.'" The memory is so bonkers, the entertainer began crying giggling. When she pulled it together, Theron guaranteed this story is totally evident. "I swear on my life, I've always remembered it," she said to Kimmel, "in light of the fact that I've yet to meet someone else who likes to have someone make out with their nose." Yeah, that sounds pretty specialty. Normally, Kimmel (and we all) had to know how she reacted to that demand. As she stated, "He was, as, truly into it. Also, I began laughing, 'cause it was acceptable! Along these lines, I would not like to destroy it, so I gave him a little peck on the button and he resembled, 'No, make out with it." At that point Kimmel completely nailed his reaction. "Stunning," the host said. "The unhitched female gets a rose, you got a nose." Prior in the meeting, the star (who got an Oscar designation for Best Actress on Monday for her presentation in Bombshell) uncovered why it is she adores The Bachelor/The Bachelorette to such an extent. (In December, she made her affection for the show clear when she posted an Instagram of herself remaining close to a banner of Peter Weber. He reacted with a coy AF Instagram of his own.) "Indeed, I love the eccentrics," she began.

As Kimmel prodded, "What?! The eccentrics? My significant other truly picks the victor the main scene each and every year." As the single parent of two reacted, "Tune in, regardless of whether I had that expertise, which I don't, it sort of remnants the show, however. You nearly need to give yourself a little lobotomy so you don't pick it, and afterward you can appreciate it. 'Cause on the off chance that you pick it, at that point it's sort of done, right?" "Be that as it may, you don't know without a doubt in case you're going to be correct," the host answered. "In this way, at that point you're similar to, 'Alright, perhaps I'll be correct. Possibly I won't be correct.' That's the good times." Demonstrating her undying adoration for the ABC establishment, Theron then stated, "Tune in, at the present time, they're all victors in my book. They all have a shot." They all have a shot, as long as they don't request that Weber make out with their noses.