Creative Labor & Technologies raise money to serve their local community

Creative Labor & Technologies is a new family-owned business concerned with the commercial objective of providing handyman services to residential homeowners and commercial business owners. Some of these services include yard clean up, junk removal, general cleaning, mulching, pressure washing, custom work, tile work installation, general repairs, etc.

Beyond the average handyman services scope, Creative Labor & Technologies have also incorporated residential home computer networking into the range of services that they provide. They have experience and expertise in installing and maintaining home automation technologies such as Google Nest Hub, Amazon Echo, Sonos One, among others. This means that they provide wholesome offerings to their customers, including handyman services and computer technology installation and maintenance.

Also, they provide advanced and cutting-edge technology services at Creative Labor & Technologies. Under this offering, they provide video editing services, website creation and maintenance, and mobile app development, among others. They like to think of ourselves as your go-to service outlet when it comes to labor and technology.

The idea for Creative Labor & Technologies was conceived to support Lumar Bodden's, owner of Creative Labor & Technologies, family. After serving his country in the Navy, Lumar took up employment as a computer scientist with the government while also completing a master's degree in Business Administration and Management. Because he is deeply invested in building something together with his family, Creative Labor & Technologies is an important project for his family and himself. Not only is the project an attempt to secure an alternative source of income, but Lumar is also looking towards building a strong legacy.

In a system where there is so much dishonesty, insincerity, and an absence of competence, Creative Labor & Technologies is growing the business on the values of truth, professionalism, wisdom, and quality. They are primarily committed to providing customer satisfaction to all those in our clientele while also building trust and mutual understanding. While solving problems, they also want to create friendships and relationships that would stand the test of time. Therefore, they are a family business.

However, to successfully build Creative Labor & Technologies, they need generous donations. Considering the business's scope and the offerings, they are making available to the public; they require funds to set up and launch adequately.

With kind contributions, they would be able to buy equipment for the business, both for their handyman and IT consultancy services. They would also be able to obtain the necessary licenses from the licensing authorities for the business's smooth operation. They also wish to spend on advertising to reach a wider audience with their services. Invariably, they would have to engage the services of graphic designers, digital marketing experts, and content writers who would be working in concert to increase the business's feasibility.

There is only so much they can do alone. They need you. Kindly donate to their cause and make this dream come true.