How often is it 'normal' to have sex? Woman reveals her boyfriend wants it 'multiple times a DAY'

A lady has started an online discussion on whether it is 'ordinary' it is for her accomplice to need sex 'on numerous occasions a day.'

Taking to UK-based gathering site Mumsnet, the unknown lady, who is in her twenties, wrote: 'DP needs sex day by day and would adore it to be on various occasions a day, though I'm content with two times per week or each other day probably.'

Furthermore, when she asked others what their 'typical' was - many rushed to answer with altogether different reactions, with answers extending from various times each day consistently, to once every month.

In the underlying post, the lady, who has been with her accomplice for a long time, clarified: 'If a day or two has passed by and we haven't done it I can tell he's getting disappointed, which causes me to feel deficient for not needing it more.'

She proceeded to state that the 'undeniable answer' would be that he 'causes himself' when such conditions emerge - before including, 'which I'm certain he does however that doesn't mean he won't at present need sex'.

She at that point asked the discussion: 'What is your ordinary?'

Numerous clients featured that it was lockdown that was affecting their low drives.

'I have zero enthusiasm for lockdown. He is driving me up the divider the entire day and I have no close to home space. Its the exact opposite thing I need,' thought of one.

A second remarked: 'In lockdown once per month. Non lockdown two times per month, we would both like it all the more yet with him working all day and a young person and multi year old it is difficult to get time alone.'

A third included: 'No. The two 40s, been together 10 years. Right now not frequently, just multiple times since lockdown. We are material and continually kissing and snuggling, a tad of a low spell - DP's been made repetitive so neither of us feeling that incredible intellectually.'

Others uncovered how their past propensities had changed since lockdown.

In any case, a third uncovered: 'Haha regular no chance! We have had parcels more during lockdown yet now we are back busy working and Dh is back on his day of work design it's on more than one occasion at ends of the week.'

In the interim, another client featured how the low mind-sets caused from the lockdown is the explanation and included: 'I don't think we've engaged in sexual relations since lockdown, I've been very discouraged and not in the state of mind by any stretch of the imagination. We've discussed it and he gets it.'