I've won 23 free holidays (not to mention a car and World Cup final tickets): Our guide to winning!

Enthusiasm for competitions and prize draws has boomed during lockdown.

We addressed two super-fruitful professionals who had won amazing takes by entering scores of competitions every week.

Here, we share a bunch of the most mind blowing examples of overcoming adversity — and your top tips for those beginning.

In the course of recent years Colin Colesell, 77, has won in excess of 23 competitions, a vehicle and tickets to three football World Cup finals.

In 1990 an electrical distributer ran a competition requesting that participants conjure up a slogan for the firm.

The granddad of-four's accommodation — 'when you want the best they are poles apart' — was picked as the champ and the prize was an excursion to the World Cup last in Rome.

Stunningly better, he went by Concorde joined by the late footballing legend Bobby Moore.

That equivalent month the resigned sales rep won £5,000 worth of home upgrades in a Heineken rivalry and an excursion to Los Angeles in the wake of purchasing a triumphant camcorder from House of Fraser.

Colin, who lives in Portsmouth with his better half Sharon, 67, says his mystery is never to surrender. He includes: 'A couple of companions began entering rivalries when they saw the prizes I won. However, they got exhausted of it and halted when they didn't win.'

Colin likewise recommends joining the London Competitors' Club, which has a £20 yearly participation charge. Individuals share tips and subtleties of rivalries.


Scratch Williamson, 63, has been an opposition lover for over 20 years.

He initially began entering customary crossword rivalries in You magazine in the mid-1980s yet didn't win a prize until a £25 runner's-up check arrived on his mat in 2008.

Be that as it may, he won a five-day outing to Las Vegas in 1999 after accurately addressing the inquiry 'Where did Lennox Lewis last shield his title' in a Mail rivalry (answer: Madison Square Garden).

Furthermore, in 2009 he won a £10,000 center in an opposition on neighborhood radio broadcast Wave 105 that necessary him to think about what number of cardboard boxes could fit in a storeroom.

His estimate of 665 was only coincidental the right answer.

Scratch, who works in IT support, likewise struck fortunate in 2006 when he presented his preferred Christmas tune — Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree — to Virgin Radio's site, winning £5,000 worth of Sony contraptions.

At his quickest, the dad of-two would enter 60 rivalries per week. Presently, he enters around ten every week.

Scratch, who lives in Hampshire with his significant other Melanie, 55, says: 'I enter whatever number draws and rivalries as could reasonably be expected. Someone needs to win.'

His top tip is to enter radio broadcast rivalries on different occasions online to expand your chances. He additionally proposes pursuing free preliminaries of rivalry sites, for example, Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner.


Money related consultant Richard Allin had a gigantic series of wins during the 1990s.

At the time he was entering around ten rivalries per week in magazines and papers, winning prizes consistently, including a year's flexibly of nappies, a trail blazing bicycle and a £400 camera.

Be that as it may, his greatest successes were kindness of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday prize draws.

In 1999 the dad of-two won an excursion to New York with his significant other IIona, 58, on the new Concorde. Three years before that he packed away a 14-day voyage around the Canary Islands.

As his kids got more established, Richard, 65, who lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire, viewed he was as too occupied to even consider entering the same number of rivalries yet plans to get it with reestablished center when he resigns this year. His tip is to go for rivalries that don't occupy a lot of time.

He says: 'I incline toward simply presenting my name and address or responding to a straightforward inquiry.'

Series of wins... More than 60 YEARS

Naomi Younge, 80, has been entering rivalries for quite a long time, winning everything from hampers to prepping units for her feline.

Nonetheless, her preferred prize right up 'til the present time is as yet the three-quarter-length farm mink coat she won over 60 years prior.

Matured only 17, she had entered a sonnet into an opposition run by Jackie magazine and was told of her prosperity by wire.

The coat was introduced to her by vocalist Jess Conrad. In any case, Naomi, who lives in Hailsham, East Sussex, says her mom was so stressed over the exposure and criminals that they wound up selling it for £1,000 and utilizing the cash for a family occasion.

She says: 'The coat was beautiful yet extremely overwhelming.

'What's more, where might a 17-year-old wear it? It would have cost a fortune to keep away.'

Naomi, a resigned PA, has kept on entering rivalries, concentrating on those publicized in magazines and papers.

She used to enter six or seven per month yet has entered less since lockdown since she has not had the option to get out.

Her top tip is to go for rivalries where you have to think carefully. She says: 'You must be unique and attempt to stand out enough to be noticed.'