Mastery of Eternity - A Digital Art Collection Inspired by the Most Mysterious Book Ever Known

Basilica Art House, an Art-Tech Company from Mumbai recently opened the sales for a Collection of Digital Artworks called The Mastery of Eternity. The bewitching imagery freaked out the netizens after all the painting is inspired by a grotesque book named Codex Seraphinianus which is a guide to an alien world consisting of 400 pages of descriptions and explanations for an imaginary existence, all in its own uniquely unreadable alphabet with hundreds of drawings. The book was originally written by Luigi Seraphini as an obsession related to the persistent fascination with mystery and was meant to have no behind the script.

The Unsung Maestro

Cleo Black, the pseudonym used for the name of the artist, was quite intrigued with the book and what started out as a curiosity ended up being an obsession wherein he hallucinated and imagined these beings in real life.

Cleo Black read and consumed information related to higher powers, esoteric and western philosophy, and other subjects of interest. He was able to connect the pieces and bring forward a meaning that appealed to him. Basilica Art House quoted that “He had started believing in a world where everything you imagine is really what he called ‘as-mind’ before the matter universe. Everything that goes around is a mental event, not a physical one.” His mental health deteriorated in the coming months succumbing up to delusional behavior and surreal imaginations. His use of Codex Seraphinianus as a broth of inspiration to create a visual, esoteric digital art collection was no less of a genius act. There are many things about the collection but if you want to pick one thing from it it’s this: think backward, look at everything upside down and the other way round, and break free of orthodox pathways of thinking.

A Collection Worth Eternity

One of the mind-boggling art pieces featured in the article from the collection is God’s Very Own. It features a factory for human beings for the mystery planet. It shows that wisdom from other worlds was used to assemble bones and then cover them with skin to later add consciousness. You see the creator’s minions at work while some assembled skeletons await their turn. On the other hand, few already-skinned species look themselves up in a mirror.

The art collection is the first-ever complete collection of the coveted Digital Fabric art form. It comprises other such paintings like a Man on Clouds with Multiple Heads, a Processing Unit for Your Soul, the Evolution of Unknown Species, A Unicorn in Hell, and many more. What’s more shocking is that all the artworks in Mastery of Eternity are not just a form of abstraction. It was created in the light of bringing forth mysterious thoughts and inclining viewers towards a certain perspective. It takes a truly enlightened man to see the depths of these works but simultaneously, it can also enlighten the best of us.

The Next Art Revolution

Basilica Art House looks at art as more than just an object of trade. They believe in a very different and extensive future of Digital Art and how it can go beyond the work of traditional art. When they started embracing Digital Art, they received a lot of criticism saying “This is not art, you can’t even touch it, it’s just on your screen.” Basilica believes these are all just unfounded arguments and Digital Art can do what Traditional Art can and it’s not just on your screen because you have the ability to manifest it in any form you desire, once you own it. Mona Lisa will just be a painting sitting inside the frame at the Louvre Museum smiling at all the international tourists who come to see her but digital art will be everywhere. It will be on your phone screen, maybe portrayed digitally on a building, or included in the product design of an accessory.

All the artworks in the Mastery of Eternity collectively feature a series of sequentially stacked, progressive storylines presented digitally for esoterically-inclined collectors. Currently, Basilica Art House is holding private discussions for the sale of the art collection and its future scope however, it is not revealed which visionary collector is likely to emerge in the forefront by owning this amazing collection. It would be a true nail-biting finish between the rich to get their hands on the entire collection. It is not quite often that you come across a complete collection of art that is the first of an art form, created by a genius who’d most likely never create anything again, inspired from a book of mysteries, presented in a unique setting, holds mind-boggling depth, forms a storyline across multiple pieces and can be featured in multiple forms simultaneously. The sale is rumored to attract over $120 Million in combined value but we are yet to gain official confirmation on the same. Start of an era, perhaps.