Moment to Paws: The Cockapoo sees largest relative growth during lockdown

The rise of the Cockapoo; the breed sees a 63% increase in interest relative to pre-lockdown levels

  • The Cockapoo sees the biggest jump in interest during lockdown relative to pre-lockdown levels out of the top 20 dog breeds in the UK.

  • The Labrador retains its title as the UK’s most popular dog breed.

  • Interest in ‘puppies for sale’ reaches the highest level since records began.

  • Shaggy manes be gone; Google reports a 3,850% increase in searches for ‘dog grooming kit’.

  • Interest in Brexit overtaken by ‘Puppies’ as the UK turns to four legged friends for companionship during lockdown.

Research by Yorkshire based dog assisted wellness specialists, Moment to Paws, reveals that the Cockapoo saw the largest increase in search interest relative to previous levels as the nation braced itself for a long period of lockdown, closely followed by the Cocker Spaniel (60% increase) and Labrador (51% increase).

The research, which analyses Google Trends data from 1st January 2019 to 28th June 2020 for the top 20 UK dog breeds, shows how online searches for ‘puppies for sale’ rose to the highest levels since records began during lockdown, peaking w/c 17th May.

But despite only seeing the third largest increase in interest relative to its pre-lockdown levels, it is the loyal Labrador which continues to own the number one spot as the most popular breed in the UK, according to trends data.

And it seems us northerners have a special place in our hearts for the gentle soul, with Sheffield, Hambleton, Liverpool, Leeds, Wythenshawe and Manchester all featuring in the top 14 towns and cities with a higher proportion of all searches dedicated to the Labrador.

Kate Bolland, Founder of Moment to Paws commented: “It’s great to see that people have been using the stretch of time at home to bring a puppy or dog into their lives. Now more than ever, we’re in need of the benefits dogs bring to our lives which includes a reduction in stress and anxiety, alongside increasing the production of mood boosting hormones.”

But Kate, who specialises in canine care and behaviour, warns of the impact going back to work will have on our four legged friends: “Dogs are sociable animals and they can suffer extreme separation anxiety if they are not used to being left alone. It’s important that we start to gradually introduce our dogs to being left alone for short periods of time now, to reduce the impact on them when people do go back to work full time. Dogs should never be left alone for the full day so if you’re not able to take your dog to the office with you, consider looking at the options available to you now.”

Moment to Paws is the first company of it’s kind in Yorkshire to specialise in bringing dog assisted wellness events to the workplace. See the full list of dog breeds here: