Pigeon is arrested in India on suspicion of being a Pakistan spy

A pigeon has been given over to the police in India in the wake of being blamed for being a Pakistani government operative.

The supposed government agent was found by Geeta Devi who lives in the Kathua locale of Kashmir after the fledgling flew into her home on May 24.

It was found to have been painted pink and was hauling around its foot a ring with numbers on.

The Times of India report that Senior Superintendent of Kathua Police Shailendra Kumar Mishra stated: 'We don't know from where it came. Local people caught it close to our wall. We have discovered a ring in its foot on which a few numbers are composed.

The flying creature was caught by local people close to the India-Pakistan fringe fence and was in the end given to the police by the Indian Border Security Force.

The Telegraph revealed that police told the Times of India: 'However winged animals have no limits and many fly across universal outskirts during relocation, a coded ring labeled to the caught pigeon's body is a reason for worry as transitory flying creatures don't have such rings.'

The pigeon will stay in police guardianship until they have completed their examinations.

This isn't the first occasion when that a spying pigeon has been discovered going among India and Pakistan.

In 2015 another pigeon was captured, this time in Manwal town more than two miles from the outskirt.

It had the message 'Tehsil Shakargarh, locale Narowal' in Urdu stepped on its tail alongside certain numbers.

The zone referenced is Pakistan's Punjab area.

In spite of the fact that a X-beam was completed on the feathered creature, nothing dubious was found.

Police kept it in their care at any rate and recorded it as a 'suspected covert agent'.