Roberto Carlos: Global Ambassador answers the questions of Young Participants from around the world

Roberto Carlos won the World Cup with the Brazilian national team in 2002, and he also won the UEFA Champions League title three times with Real Madrid, where he is currently working as a youth coach. Since 2020 he has also been a Global Ambassador for Football for Friendship.

Asked about his most famous goal, Roberto Carlos mentioned his free kick against France in 1997 and also his spectacular goal against CD Teneriffa in February 1998. He said that the Brazilian national team of 2002 and Real Madrid were his favourite teams.

He explained that his family had been poor and that, when he was twelve, he had wanted to become a lawyer. But then everything had quickly turned out differently: a football career in Brazil, the national team and an invitation to play in Europe. He said that his family had always supported him.

He added that everything in life had gone well for him and had helped him to develop personally and professionally. He had never been afraid. But of course he had had dreams, for example to be able to build his parents a house. Teamwork was an important precondition for success. What he found good about F4F was that so many young people can meet up and interact with one another.

The 9th season of F4F is taking place in an online format from 14th to 29th May 2021. Young Players aged 12 are taking part in the 2021 Football for Friendship eWorld Championship (eF4F). The competition is being played on the football simulator "F4F World."

Young Journalists report in the International Children's Press Centre on the events in the 9th season of F4F and share with their friends the most important values in the programme: friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, success, traditions and honour.

Press conference video: