T-Shirt company Societees launches affiliate network

Societees, a licensed t-shirt company that sells branded t-shirts have launched a new network where successful members can earn 11% of every sale that's made.

They are most known for their iconic rock t-shirts such as AC/DC and Pink Floyd t-shirts but have ventured out into other categories such as gaming and movies.

"Everyone belongs to a Societee of like-minded people – whether you love nerding out to old Bruce Lee flicks or rocking the air-guitar to AC/DC or reciting every line to Scarface. We are friends with people who love what we love and enjoy doing what we do. These shirts are not just shirts, they are a badge of honor or a conversation-starter or even a uniform in your Societee…. because everyone belongs somewhere."

The affiliate network is open to anyone and is super easy to join. Members can visit where they can sign up in minutes.

Once they have signed up they get access to a dashboard that shows them how many sales they've got as well as the commission received from each sale.

Getting sales is super easy via the platform and there is no limit on the amount of sales an individual can get. Once they sign-up each affiliate is given a link that they can include on their social media or within their blog articles.

The Societees affiate network is open to everyone and can be joined today!