UK Start up Helps NASA to Make Carbon Neutral Rocket Launches a Reality

Spaceflight is rapidly growing in interest again, thanks to the efforts from SpaceX and NASA. With the landing on Mars seeming closer and closer, one UK Startup is trying to help the engineers of tomorrow to master their skills.

GoLocate is tracking a rocket built on a NASA program, by the Oregan State University student rocketry team. The service is normally built to work with cars, bikes and people however it became a perfect fit for tracking a rocket.

“This opportunity is allowing us to test some new ground-breaking technology and we’re glad to be able to support in the recovery of the student's rocket, helping them take one more step towards becoming the space engineers of tomorrow” said Mike Miner, founder of GoLocate

Normally, the service works with both computers and mobile phones, tracking a vehicle in real-time and keeping track of essential vehicle metrics. However this time, it’ll be a rocket! This rocket will go up to 10,000 feet then come back down to earth, with the GoLocate service allowing them to rapidly find the rocket due to its state of the art tracking technology onboard, all whilst offsetting the carbon emissions from the rocket

The GoLocate real-time vehicle tracking platform gives the owner precise information about their car, its location and other relevant information. Vehicle owners can rest easy in cases of loaning out their vehicle or in extreme cases, stolen. It also tracks the carbon emissions, for those interested in keeping a close view on the environmental impact of their car. GoLocate then offsets these emissions monthly, using trusted local providers.

“This new technology will allow owners of assets in rural areas and third world nations to keep an eye on where their cars and bikes are at all times, with no mobile signal needed. It will also provide an essential lifeline for lone workers in these areas” said Mike Miner, founder of GoLocate.

GoLocate is also doing something that many apps do not do, and that is offering upfront pricing with no hidden fees or lengthy subscriptions. Subscribers choose a monthly fee based on their needs. Premium users will have access to all of the features plus priority when it comes to updates.

GoLocate’s website has additional information and pricing. Visitors can also sign up for updates on the service, go to for details.