Wardrobe Anxiety: 73% of women hold on to clothes that no longer fit for inspiration

Taking Shape, ( the leading plus-size style alternative for curvy women, have launched a Wardrobe Wellness campaign to help women across the UK let go of clothes that are no longer worn, declutter their lives and create a wardrobe that leaves them feeling fabulous.

The campaign comes in response to a survey of 2,000 British women, in which 52% said their wardrobes caused anxiety. The top reasons cited for this anxiety were cluttered and unorganised wardrobes, clothes that no longer fit and trying to be sustainable and ethical in their fashion choices.

A massive 73% of women surveyed keep clothes that no longer fit, even though over 50% admit don’t think they will ever fit into them again. KonMari Gold Consultant and decluttering expert Sue Spencer commented:

“Opening our wardrobes is one of the first things we do every morning, and so it’s important that it’s a positive experience – you want to start your day right. Cluttered wardrobes make choosing what to wear hard work, you want to see a rail full of clothes you love rather fighting to find something to wear. The same goes for holiday clothes – why have them hung there as a reminder that you’re not on a beach? Get it all packed out of the way and love the clothes you regularly wear!”

Women in Liverpool and Glasgow were the most likely to hang on to old clothes, with 80% admitting they had at least one item that no longer fits them hung in their wardrobe. At the opposite end of the scale, Belfast and Leeds residents were the happiest to let go, at just under 40%.

Curiously, women in a relationship were around 20% more likely to hold on to their ill-fitting clothing than single women and women aged 35-54 were TWICE as likely than those under 35 or over 55.

The survey also revealed that, on average, women cycle through just 30% of the clothing in their wardrobe with the rest hanging on the rack for months or years without use.

Riah Skeldon, Brand Manager at Taking Shape has commented:

“The results were surprising, but then again, the office straw poll was probably even higher – I think every one of us is holding on to days gone by. Inspiration is not a bad thing, of course, but looking at the results of the survey and the opinion of experts we’ve brought in on the campaign it’s clear that having these clothes in your face every morning has the opposite of an inspirational effect. We’re a size-inclusive brand and believe women can be fabulous regardless of size. We want women to love the clothes they’re in – not wishing they were in a ten-year-old dress at the back of their wardrobe.”

“That’s why we’ve teamed up with Re-Fashion to urge the women of the UK to have a clear-out and donate their surplus clothes. Anyone can get a free donation bag at and everyone who makes a donation to the Wardrobe Wellness campaign before May 7th will be entered in to a draw to win a £500 shopping spree on All of the charitable proceeds from these donations will go to Women’s Aid.”